Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Plastic free gardening mark 2

What I couldn't grow from seed, I got local heritage
plant propagators to wrap seedlings in newspaper
for me. They could then reuse the plastic containers
for the next generation of seedlings.

Bee heaven

My lovely wine barrels, which will collect
grey water for the garden


  1. Hi Merren,

    I have a product sample/Christmas present I would like to send you from my new business 'The Rubbish Whisperer' to celebrate your 6 months of being plastic free. You are doing a great job! Perhaps you could email me an address where I can send it to you? (I am a real person, not a spammer! I'm in Christchurch and have the blog Plastic-Free Baby as well as my new Rubbish Whisperer Facebook and webpage.) All the best. Helen.

    1. Hi Helen, what a lovely offer. Yes, I remember you commenting on my blog early in the piece and offering me lots of encouragement - thanks for that.
      Love your concept of the rubbish whisperer. I hope it goes really well for you. Every household could do with a consultant like you! I will find you on facebook and message you.

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