Monday, 17 February 2014

Plastic free jems

The wonderful, multi-purpose glass jar.
I use them all the time, most often for
transporting food. This picture shows how
I freeze food using them. The newspaper
prevents the risk of breakage from the
low temperatures. Make sure you leave
the lid off during the initial freezing period
to allow for expansion of the contents. 
I thought I'd share a few great plastic-free discoveries in my 7 months of non-plasticness.
This was my grandad's razor (I have a
feeling he might have taken it to war with
him, so it's pretty special). I can buy blades
at my local dairy.
These are old sports socks that have no elasticity left in
them. I use them as panty liners. They are the perfect
shape and size.
I have a fantastic assortment of different sized tins
that can be found in Indian supermarkets for a very
reasonable price. They are perfect for freezing food,
leftovers, lunches. I've also found a great array of tins

in the local thrift shops (though these aren't often great
for storing wet food).


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  2. Great ideas. I had never thought of using the Indian containers for freezing or how to freeze in a glass jar!

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