Monday, 4 September 2017

Tea for terrible

More and more is coming out about the tea industry's practise of adding plastic to tea bag material, which appears to be a universal one. I buy loose tea in general, but use tea bags at work because of its brewing convenience and I then compost the bags. However, I recently wrote to the producers of the tea I buy, Planet Organic, asking what their tea bag material comprised of. They admitted to adding synthetic fibres to natural ones and, interestingly, made this assertion:
"After the natural fibres have decomposed, the sythentic fibres which will
only degrade very slowly may remain as a fibre matrix. When this is exposed
to mechanical wear ( for example restacking the compost ) the synthetic
fibre matrix ruptures and disintegrates into small fibre fragments which can
assist with soil quality."
I was, of course, very quick to ask for clarification on how plastic might aid soil quality, but am still waiting for an answer several weeks later. It appears the tea industry isn't prepared to take responsibility for their plastic footprint and would rather focus their energy on presenting false information thinly disguised in quasi-scientific polysyllabic jargon. For goodness sake, how stupid do they think we are?
Needless to say, I now drink loose tea at work.

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